W/C 15/11/21 Anti-Bullying Week
W/C 15/11/21 Anti-Bullying Week
W/C 15/11/21 Anti-Bullying Week
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W/C 15/11/21 Anti-Bullying Week

Anti-Bullying Week

* This week we are looking at Anti-Bullying Week.  
* Watch the video on the blog. Bishop Bridgemen - children have produced a fantastic video this for this week, looking at Anti-Bullying Week.
* There are lots of examples in the Bible where God shows us that we should show kindness. Can you find any examples in the Bible of people who stood up to bullies?
* Why is it so important to model kindness to each other and stop bullying?
* What sort of things can you do to spread the message of Anti-Bullying?
* What sort of things can your school do to promote Anti-Bullying?
* What do you think Jesus would say on this subject?
* Use your window, door and mirror key rings to reflect on not giving up. How do you feel now? What have you discovered? What will you take away from this week’s Ethos to Go?


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1 month ago

Our class talked about how important it is to be kind to each other. We said that even a smile can boost someone’s mood and that we shouldn’t be bystanders- we should always tell an adult if we see bullying taking place.


1 month ago

We think bullying isn't nice and we should be sure not to do it to others.

Y3 St Maxentius