W/C 15/11/21 Remembrance
W/C 15/11/21 Remembrance
W/C 15/11/21 Remembrance
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W/C 15/11/21 Remembrance


* This week we are looking at Remembrance.  
* Watch the video on the blog. Bishop Bridgeman - children have produced a fantastic video for this week, talking about Remembrance.
* What does the Bible say on the subject of Remembrance.
* Why is it so important that we remember Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday?
* Discuss why the Poppy appeal each year is so vitally important?
* What sort of things does the money raised by the poppy appeal each year support with?
* What do you think Jesus would say on this subject?
* Use your window, door and mirror key rings to reflect on not giving up. How do you feel now? What have you discovered? What will you take away from this week’s Ethos to Go?


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1 month ago

Year 3 believe that it is very important to remember the fallen soldiers. We wear poppies to remember the fallen.

Y3 St Maxentius

2 months ago

We remember the people that have lost their lives for us and it is important as they made a sacrifice. We think Jesus would be upset that people were fighting, but happy that people made peace.

Class 8 St James

2 months ago

Those people gave their lives so that we can be here today. We are sorry that people passed away in the war. It is important to remember those who have died. We wear red poppies to remember the soldiers who gave their lives for the country.

Y4 St Maxentius

2 months ago

We thought back to when we dressed as people from the war last week. We discussed why poppies help us to remember those who have fought for our country. We said a prayer together as a class.

Class 4 St James

2 months ago

We celebrate remembrance day to give thanks to those who sacrificed their lives for us so we can live a better life.

Class 11

2 months ago

We have upmost respect for those people who fought and lost their lives in the wars to give us a better life. We are thankful to all of those who helped in the war. Poppies allow us to remember all of the fallen soldiers.

Class 7- St James

2 months ago

In U3 we discussed that the money raised when selling poppies go to the veterans and that we should be thankful that the soldiers died in battle to give us a better future.


2 months ago

We understand the importance of taking time to reflect upon those that lost their lives during the war. We showed our support by wearing our poppies and doing our minute silence all together.

L4 Bishop Bridgeman

2 months ago

We thought back to our church visit for remembrance day and created prayers to think about during our two minute silences.

U2 Bishop Bridgeman

2 months ago

We wear poppies to show our respect for people who have fought and died in the wars. We think it is a great way to show respect as these are the only flowers that grew on the battlefield after the wars had ended.


2 months ago

We have been reflecting on the importance of Remembrance Day. We have been using our knowledge from our History topic, Bolton in the War topic and thinking about the sacrifices that were made.

M1 Bishop Bridgeman

2 months ago

We have learnt about the significance of remembrance and what we do to mark. We have talked about how the Poppy appeal helps veterans.

M3 and Mr Walmsley

2 months ago

It is kind to think of the people who were in the world wars.

L2 - BB

2 months ago

We remember those that fought in wars because they gave us our freedom. Life would be very different had they not fought for us. The appeal is important because we can show our support will always always be with them.

U4 - BB

2 months ago

We believe that remembrance day is very important because the soldiers died fighting for us and we can never forget the sacrifices that they made.

M2 - Bishop Bridgeman

2 months ago

We really enjoyed this weeks video. It made us feel a little sad about all the people that lost their lives but also very thankful that we can live freely today.


2 months ago

We talked about why it is vital we still commemorate Armistice day. It is important to still remember the fallen soldiers who died out of respect because they gave their lives for their country. L1

Year 1 - L1 Bishop Bridgeman