W/C 29/11/21 Random Acts of Kindness
W/C 29/11/21 Random Acts of Kindness
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W/C 29/11/21 Random Acts of Kindness

 Random Acts of Kindness

* This week we are looking at the importance of kindness.  
* Watch the video on the blog. St James - children have produced a fantastic video this for this week, looking at the importance of kindness.
* There are lots of examples in the Bible where God shows us that we should be kind to each other and for all of creation.
* Why is it so important to show kindness to each other?
* What sort of things can you do to show kindness to each other and to God’s creation?
* What sort of things can your school do to show kindness?
* What do you think Jesus would say on this subject?
* Use your window, door and mirror key rings to reflect on not giving up. How do you feel now? What have you discovered? What will you take away from this week’s Ethos to Go?


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1 month ago

We talked about how we always try to be kind to one another and how we can show kindness.

Nursery BB

1 month ago

So this video showed me a lot mostly always to send a smile around school and every where else and because of kindness all around the world everyone helps each other as there selves.

Ali class 9

1 month ago

It is so important be kind to each other because if we're all kind, we colour our world with love, respect and kindness. You can do many things to be kind, such as: smiling, nice words and playing with other people when they're alone/sad.

Victor Class 11 St James

1 month ago

In U3, we talked about how we can litter pick, use our vehicles less often and plant more trees to show kindness to God’s creation. Also, when we do small acts of kindness (like smiling), it can make someone’s day better!


1 month ago

This week we have completed lots of little acts of kindness such as: - smiling at people - playing with other people at break times when they feel down - helping people when they need it - sharing things - making people laugh

U1 Bishop Bridgeman

1 month ago

You can show kindness by sharing with your friends and helping your peers. By being kind, you can add colour to the world. You should treat others the way that you would want to be treated.

U2 - Bishop Bridgeman

1 month ago

Random kindness is important because if no one was kind there would be a lot of hate in the world and everything would be dreadful.

Laurisia & Arfa M3 BB

1 month ago

We need random acts of kindness because it makes everyone's lives better and can help them be more positive.

Aman M4 BB

1 month ago

Acts of Random Kindess show friendship and can spread positivity around our school. We can work together and make our school a colourful with our kindness.

M1 and Mr Walmsley

1 month ago

Kindness is important because Usmaan believes that if we had no kindness, there would be lots of fighting and upset in the world. Ubaid says 'if there is no kindness in the world, there will be no colour in the world'.

Bishop Bridgeman - m2

1 month ago

Kindness costs nothing, you can smile at people, hold doors or say hello to brighten their day. This kindness will then spread to others.

Class 8 St James

1 month ago

In Year 5 we decided we are much happier when we show each other kindness. Not only do kind words and acts make another person feel better, but they also make us feel happier that we have given help and support.

Year 5 - St Maxentius

1 month ago

If you show kindness to someone it will make them feel good about themselves and in return make you feel like you have had a positive influence. That positive energy can grow and spread to other people.

U4 - BB

1 month ago

We always try our best to be kind by helping others. Sometimes we invite one another to play with us, if they are feeling left out. Being nice makes us happy. We also know that it is important to be kind to poor people too.

St Maxentius Year 1

1 month ago

If your friend is upset, you can try and help them. It is important to make sure friends and family are okay and their feelings aren't hurt. Be kind to everyone!

Y4 St Maxentius

1 month ago

We believe it is important to show kindness to help other people feel happy as well as ourselves and to ensure we live in a peaceful world. We can show kindness by simply smiling, helping, looking after people or giving a compliment.

St Maxentius Year 6

1 month ago

We think it is nice to come to a school where everyone is kind to each other. We thought we should always be forgiving. Year 3 thought that so many people are already kind.

Y3 St Maxentius