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Bishop Bridgeman Children’s Chaplains

We are Sonia, Joel, Meesha and Hassan, we are the Children's Chaplains at Bishop Bridgeman. We are delighted to hold this responsibility. We have been working hard to develop lots of ideas to support other children such as, reflection activities, games and prayer activities. We all have a Children's Chaplain back pack that we use to take our activities onto the playgrounds or into other classes to work with other children and adults. Our role is to support the Ethos Leaders in their delivery of worship, spiritual development and prayer. We want our school community to be a community of faith and prayer. We strive to be servant leaders and courageous advocates, supporting and helping those in need. The games and activities we provide other children and adults promotes positive mental health and well being. Sometimes though, other children and adults just want someone to talk to and we are there for that too!