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St James Children's Chaplains
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St James Children’s Chaplains

For Children’s Chaplains we attend meetings once a week. We meet on zoom with children from our school, different schools in the trust and Cannon Pilling.  Our role is to teach people about God. We also help others when they are struggling and need help. We make people feel better when they are unhappy. We encourage the use of our Christian values in school and show people that it’s ok to be different. We have looked at worship and the role we can play in worship. We have then lead acts of worship in school. Alongside this, we have completed charity work to help the community, supporting both people and animals in need. Last year, we got collected crisp packets and made blankets for the homeless. At Christmas time, we made stockings for animals in shelters. We filled the stocking with lots of tasty treats for the animals in need.  We love our role as school chaplains.