St Maxentius Children's Chaplains
St Maxentius Children's Chaplains 2
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St Maxentius Children’s Chaplains

We are Charlotte, William, India and Molly and we are the Children’s Chaplains at St Maxentius C.E. Primary School. We are privileged to have the responsibility of helping and motivating the children in our school. Our role is to support the Ethos Leaders in spiritual development and to encourage positive mental health and well-being for all the children adults who are in our school family. We strive for the best and promote healthy friendships between the children and adults to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all. As Children’s Chaplains, we make sure all of our younger children in school know that, as well as the teachers, we are there for them to: to inspire, to support and to listen to them whenever they need to reach out to us.