Children’s Ethos Conference 2019
Children’s Ethos Conference 2019
Children’s Ethos Conference 2019
Children’s Ethos Conference 2019
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Children’s Ethos Conference 2019

Our Children’s Ethos Conference 2019 was another huge success, we had 30+ schools attend this year and everyone had a great time including our VIP
special guest, The Very Reverend Matt Thompson Dean of Birmingham. The yearly Ethos Conference celebrates the Trust’s values of faith, hope, love,
trust and service with an interfaith theme.

There were lots of interesting activities during the day, including:


• Workshop 1 To exploring Prayer through spiritual development  - Real butterfly Release!!
• Workshop 2 - To explore Buddhism through art and imagination.
• Workshop 3 - To explore Judaism through the Jewish festival of Sukkot.

  • Workshop 4 - To explore friendship and fellowship through poetry with Ian Bland.
  • Workshop 5 - To explore Hinduism through colour and textile with Wendy Deverill
  • To explore 6 - Christianity through the festivals of Easter and Christmas - Real Donkeys!!
  • Workshop 7 - To explore Islam through food. Making Biryani for Eid celebrations.
  • Workshop 8 - To explore Christian values through perfume making.

 Prayer Spaces Outside

  • Prayer Space 1 - Love theme
  • Prayer Space 2 - Emoji theme
  • Prayer Space 3 - Nativity/ Christmas theme
  • Prayer Space 4 - Pom Pom theme
  • Prayer Space 5 - Umbrella/ Remembrance theme
  • Prayer Space 6 - Doors theme
  • Prayer Space 7 - Prayer Bears theme
  • Prayer Space 8 - Reflection theme
  • Prayer Space 9 - Bubble prayers theme
  • Prayer Space 10 - Bishop Bridgeman Prayer Bus

To finish the day every child released a balloon to symbolise prayers moving to God and the adults release doves to symbolise peace. Please take a look at some images from the day in our image gallery and the video in the Ethos TV section.

Ethos Conference 2019

Ethos Conference 2019